Where One Door Closes, Another Opens. Especially for GM.

If you haven’t heard, Toyota has recently been hard at work cleaning up the mess of its 2.3 million vehicle recall. While it is potentially devastating for Toyota, whose entire brand image has been based on vehicle reliability, it led for some pretty opportunistic moments for others in the auto industry. Hardly anyone took advantage, but GMRead more

AT&T vs. Verizon – Network Advertising Battle

Verizon has more 3g coverage. AT&T’s 3g coverage is faster. At least that’s what they say. Both have undertaken recent advertising blitzes to highlight their respective benefits. Verizon started it all with the “there’s a map for that” spot, which you can see below (intentionally sounding like the “there’s an app for that” spots fromRead more

Branding and Brand Development

Building a brand is far more involved than a coming up with a corporate design. Creating a logo, color palette and slogan without incorporating the strategic brand positioning practices is a failed attempt to build a brand. We are firm believers in developing brands that are based on strategic branding and brand development. So whatRead more

Adapting to Changes in Consumer Spending Habits

Recently, a study of over 800 consumers by Bazaarvoice and richrelevance, and conducted by JupiterResearch showed that 48% of all online shoppers plan to spend less this year, that’s a lot less spending. It also means that consumers are going to be a lot more picky about what they purchase, relying on reviews, ratings, andRead more

Welcome to the Neighborhood

I wanted to share the completed brand image commercial for American Insurance I told you about: The American Insurance brand is all about being the local, neighborly company you can count on for proper coverage. Through an intense search by our team, we successfully found the right neighborhood and talent to represent the brand andRead more

Brand Transformation

I’m especially proud of the branding our Creative Director Darren Easton and his team just completed for School Technology Programs.  Take a look at what the brand looked like before we got it and see if you can figure out what they do or offer?  Any idea? Now take a look at the new branding and try again. Read more

I’d Shop There

I wanted to share the completed Appalachian Spring branding I told you about HERE.  We did some intense research and strategizing to arrive at the new brand.  Appalachian Spring has great product offerings but they were suffering from an old design presence  that didn’t say much about them at all. So a big thanks to Darren Easton and his team for bringingRead more

Happy 40th!

We just wanted to say congrats to our friends at Appalachian Spring on their 40th anniversary!  For those of you who haven’t already discovered Appalachian Spring they’re a unique outlet bringing a collection of new and distinctive products, made by artists for the exceptional customer looking for something they won’t be able to find elsewhere.   Read more