Build Brand Loyalty By Letting The Haters Hate

 A rule of thumb in advertising is to say good things about your product. Seems pretty logical, right? If you’re tying to sell a vacuum, saying that it doesn’t actually suck is not a good tactic. However, there is a certain niche that some products hold when knocking your own product will help brand loyalty.Read more

Advertisers Pay Attention – Women are More Active on Social Networks than Men

It’s no secret that women have traditionally been the primary decision makers in the household and advertisers have continually targeted their traditional ad messaging towards them. Since the social network boom has dramatically increased over the past couple of years, and with the new Facebook Timeline layouts and the ability to brand YouTube and TwitterRead more

Logo Design Predictions

No, I’m not Nostradamus in any sense, but I am a graphic designer for The Cyphers Agency. So I’m somewhat qualified to predict logo design trends for the rest of 2012. Let me consult my crystal ball (the internet) and I’ll jump right into it with my first prediction: More use of script fonts inRead more

The Blank Slate

If you know me at all, you know that I’m a sucker for strategic marketing. Because of this, I’m constantly thinking about what it takes to be a good, solid brand in this world. But recent work that we’ve done here has required us to not only work with brands, but to help them figureRead more

Brand Failures and Netflix

See the book giveaway below! Brand failures are happening constantly. Just look at how Netflix recently wanted to split its business into two divisions. Netflix (a company that in September made customers angry with a steep price raise) wanted to keep its movie streaming business and move its DVDs by mail business to a newRead more

The Science of a Slogan

“Good to the last drop.” We’ve all heard it, or read it, many times in our lives. But did you know that these five little words have been Maxwell House’s slogan for more than 90 years? Which begs the question, what’s required if you’re going to create a slogan that your audience will remember? TheRead more

Tropicana Tries Again

Early last year Tropicana unveiled their new brand identity. It was greeted with a fiery outburst that was something akin to how being caught in a solar flare would feel. People were furious for two reasons. First, Tropicana ditched the classic straw-stuck-in-the-orange icon (because getting rid of your most recognizable brand feature is always aRead more

A Marketing Lesson from… Chrysler…?!

You’ll probably recognize this commercial from the 2011 Super Bowl. It is Chrysler’s “Born On Fire” ad, you know, the one where Eminem doesn’t smile. I won’t get too deep into the merits of it as a commercial, but there is a good advertising lesson in it. At it’s roots, this ad is a quintessentialRead more

Hi, My Name is Anna & I’m a Brandist.

I realized something while watching a car commercial over the weekend. The commercial was for the Hyundai Genesis – the brand’s “luxury” addition to its product line. My husband gave Hyundai credit for producing a car that might compete in the luxury market. But all I could think about was how I would never beRead more

The Unconscious Mind of the Consumer

A friend of mine once said that advertising doesn’t work. That he’s never bought something because of an ad. I then asked him what mobile phone service he uses and he replied, Verizon Wireless. He went on to say that he had to sign up for Verizon because he travels all over the country andRead more