Importance of Physician Branding in the Healthcare Market

physician branding
Now more than ever, establishing trust in a doctor-patient relationship even before scheduling an appointment will influence a consumer’s decision to seek treatment. It is not enough to create a website, place a few directory listings and hope that people will find your practice. Consumers are actively researching the reputation of physicians, making physician branding,Read more

Building A Medical Practice Brand

In today’s environment, the competition in the medical field is extremely competitive. With the healthcare market expanding to include more opportunities for patient care – walk-in clinics, urgent care networks, satellite hospital systems and larger private practices — it is increasingly more important for medical organizations to develop a distinct medical practice brand to gainRead more

Creating top-of-mind awareness: know your competition.

When someone says, “let’s do Mexican tonight,” you want people to know your restaurant immediately when mentioned in that list of options. That’s brand awareness. When someone says, “where do you want to eat tonight?”, you want your restaurant to be on that list. That’s top-of-mind brand awareness. In most cases, hunger is the driverRead more

How to Make Your Bank’s Brand Stand Out

Everyone has a bank. But no one wants to switch. This is just one of the complex marketing challenges that banks face in the financial marketplace. Banks are up against:  Crowded Marketplace– While there’s been lots of big bank consolidation in recent years, there is still a large number of national, regional and community banks toRead more

Do More with Less: An Agency’s Guide to Nonprofit Marketing

Guide to Non-Profit Marketing
Nonprofit organizations often find themselves in a tricky marketing situation. How do you raise awareness of your brand and connect emotionally with your target audience to ultimately motivate them to donate— all with little to no budget? On top of that, audiences are constantly evolving with how they want to be engaged. Managing these ever-changingRead more

Brand Development: Breaking Down the Process

A well-defined and executed brand development strategy affects all aspects of a business and should be based on consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments. As you develop a brand strategy, it begins by setting business goals and objectives. Why are you creating, updating, repositioning your brand? Now you can use this as a basis forRead more

Leveraging Promotional Products for Brand Awareness at Your Next Event

Offering promotional products is a great way to get your brand’s name in front of a large audience, and if done right, stick with them for the long haul. Check out these 3 tips for leveraging promotional products at your next event. 1. Understand your audience In order to leave a lasting impression on yourRead more

Three Branding Lessons We Can Learn from Game of Thrones Characters

Lesson 1: Stay True to Brand Values— Be Consistent John Snow John Snow is forthright, honest and always acting in the best interests of his followers. When Cersei Lannister agrees to an armistice between her forces and Daenerys Targaryen’s, she has one condition: that Jon not take sides in the impending war. John explains thatRead more