A Campaign to Promote Early Detection of Skin Cancer

Get Checked for Skin Cancer Website
During Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we were excited to partner with one of our favorite clients, Anne Arundel Dermatology to create an awareness campaign about the importance of early detection. The 5-year survival rate for patients whose melanoma is detected early is about 97%. The 5-year survival rate falls to 15% for those with advancedRead more

What’s the big idea, buddy?

Finding the big idea in advertising
I’m often asked how I come up with ideas for ad campaigns. I have been doing this for so long and my process is so rote, I really have to stop and think to answer that. Good advertising ideas don’t come from anywhere; they’ve kind of always been there all along through life experiences. IRead more

Helping AMVETS Better Serve Those Who Serve Our Country

AMVETS Website Design and Development
AMVETS was overdue for a major overhaul of their web presence. Their new site needed to be mobile-friendly and provide a far more effective tool for members, families and supporters. AMVETS serves veterans of all ages – from the Korean and Vietnam eras to vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. This means their users rangeRead more

The end of an era for all Ad Men?

Even 8 years since the show debuted, Mad Men is still a familiar point of reference for many people in my personal and professional life. Just today after a new business pitch the prospect said: “I really like your black pitch boards — makes me think of Mad Men (I wish we had some scotch).”Read more

The power of Visa and ICBA through one integrated campaign.

Visa and ICBA ad
When ICBA came to us to promote Visa Bancard and TCM Bank products, we knew we were gonna have some fun. And we did. After working through strategic messaging for a series of ads featuring Visa Checkout, Visa Credit, and fraud prevention the concepts were then executed into print and digital ads for the campaign.   TheRead more

Holiday Design-Palooza

Season's Pizza New Years Specials on Twitter
Here at the Cyphers Agency, we’ve been busy dreaming up holiday promotions for our clients. See a few we created recently: Other agencies have also been hard at work this year end. Here are a few campaigns that caught my eye – Kmart and Joe Boxer’s fun dancing pregnant jammie ladies –   Apple’s touchingRead more

The Sport of Storytelling

Sport of Storytelling in TV Ads
We’ve all been there. You watch a tv spot that’s so artfully done and creates such emotional intensity that by the time it’s over you’re blinking like crazy and trying hard to swallow the lump in your throat before anyone notices that you almost cried at a commercial of all things. Storytelling in advertising isRead more