2015 holiday campaigns to remember

holiday campaign REI
Every year unfortunately, the Christmas holiday advertising starts around Halloween and does not let up until Santa’s sleigh is overflowing. As much as it irritates me as a consumer, I do enjoy analyzing it all for creativity and effectiveness as a professional. While some holiday marketing is intended to simply make you feel all warmRead more

Food brands positioned properly can do no wrong. As long as you know how to do it.

Special K Workout
Throughout my career I’ve listened to far too many marketers throw around words like branding strategy and… positioning. Very few truly know what these things mean, but the most misunderstood is positioning. When it is done right, a properly positioned brand can do no wrong. No particular vertical has benefitted more from positioning than theRead more

Breaking Discount Rules to Increase Sales

Breaking Discount Rules
So often we advise our clients not to be too “discount happy” with their products and services. It can often cheapen the brand and take away from the quality of the offerings. While that still holds true in most cases, we’ve had pretty amazing results working with Seasons Pizza on a discount focused campaign thatRead more

The Power of Emotional Advertising

The Power of Emotional Advertising
As humans, we respond to most situations in an emotional manner. We feel first and think second. As marketers, if we can change the way consumers feel, we can change the way they buy. Without incorporating emotional messaging, it will be very challenging to get consumers to engage with your brand and/or buy your products. Millennials are emotional buyers that are pulled inRead more

Lead-Generation Campaign to Secure Memberships

ICBA lead-generation campaign
Community banking is a complex and challenging market with continuous regulatory changes, compliance updates, and evolving technology demands. So when one of our favorite clients, the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) came to us for support to increase memberships and revenue, it was no small task. The target audience is relatively small and wellRead more

Commas save lives

commas save lives
The other day I was having a conversation with a few of my agency peeps about the butchering of the english language in today’s world. When I receive daily correspondence, even in the simplest form of email and text, I judge the sender based on their written word. I am terrified what today’s society, fullRead more

What is dynamic ad insertion and is it as dirty as it sounds?

Jess and Len Break It Down
Dynamic means constantly changing. With dynamic ad insertion, networks can use targeted ads that can be swapped in and out of the tv show as you’re watching it. Usually, ads are planned in advance and can’t be swapped out once the show is on the network. With dynamic ad insertion, networks can use improved audienceRead more

Top 3 Ad Campaigns During Shark Week 2015

Shark Week Ad Campaigns
Sniff. Sniff. Shark Week’s over and I’m still crying about it. To make it better, I thought we could take a look back at a few of the best marketing campaigns which helped coin the term “sharketing.” Cold Stone Creamery: Cold Stone created menu items in honor of Shark Week. In addition the company heldRead more

Top Advertising Books Everyone Should Read

Top Advertising Books
There are a slew of “new media” marketing books out there. Before you read how to market on Facebook, build a brand on twitter or make a video go viral, you first need to understand the core values of the marketing and advertising business. I’ve read a truckload of advertising related books but only aRead more

Be Near Me – The Benefits of Local Business Advertising

You Are Here Local Business Advertising Tips
Improve your local organic search results – Claim and update important local business listings like Yelp and Google Business. Use a local number and remember to include operating hours. This will ensure your listing shows up in mobile search during the hours your business is open. Mobile searches are local searches Think with Google’s researchRead more