5 Ad Campaigns to Watch During 2016 Olympics

2016 olympics
T-Minus 7 days until the 2016 Olympics kick off in Rio. Whether you are looking forward to swimming, gymnastics, diving, golf or track and field, there is going to be plenty of exciting moments for Team USA. But what about the time in between events? Well, the Olympics sponsors, (who have spent over $1 billion in ad sales,Read more

Google AdWords Training Takeaways

We had an awesome morning learning the ins and outs of Google AdWords with WebMechanix, a local inbound marketing firm here in the MD/DC/VA area. I went into this training with almost no knowledge of AdWords and now I feel so much more comfortable with what I should and shouldn’t be doing. The WebMechanix team helpedRead more

These summer ad campaigns are hot

Summer. A time for pool parties, vacation, warm weather, cookouts, steamed crabs and fun. To capitalize on the popularity of this season, companies are creating summer ad campaigns to encourage consumers to buy their products. Here are some of our favorites: Pepsi To kick off their summer ad campaign #SayItWithPepsi, Pepsi has created 100 5-secondRead more

A “Fast” Ad Message that Actually Delivers

Taylor Bank Ad Message Delivers Speed
It’s mortgage season! We’ve marked the occasion by working with our new client partner, Taylor Bank to develop a new campaign featuring their mortgage services. While it’s a highly competitive market, the team at Taylor Bank made our job easy with some pretty amazing mortgage services. The beauty of getting a mortgage with Taylor BankRead more

Advertising to Kids on YouTube

Kid Watching Video on YouTube
Preteen children are spending a lot of time on YouTube watching videos. The popularity of unboxing videos and gaming videos is amazing. Advertisers are using this opportunity to reach children through channels such as FUNnelvision, EthanGamerTV and HobbyKidsTV. These channels offer kids the chance to see other kids like them having fun engaged in variousRead more

Could Drone-vertising be the Next Big Thing?

A brand + a drone + the sky = drone-vertising. The sky’s the limit with this form of advertising! Unlike a blimp, drones are small, nimble (roughly 6 feet wide) and they can fly low to the ground, unlike traditional advertising platforms. Advertisers can use banners, speakers, promotional message or even give out prizes from a drone! AndRead more

Super Bowl 50: Ad Recap

When it comes to the Super Bowl, the commercials can be just as fun to watch as the game. Everyone knows they’re the best ads, costing about $5 million per 30-seconds. For the Super Bowl, advertisers have to come up with creative ways to gain the attention of more than 100 million viewers and find a way to stand outRead more

What To Expect From Super Bowl 50 Ads

Superbowl 50 Ads
Remember the days where the anticipation would build waiting to see what Super Bowl ads would air during the game? Now, the Internet has taken away some of the surprise by making ads available to view online more than one week before the game. But it’s still exciting to see what entertainment is in store forRead more