Revealing Movie Trailers – Part 2

Continuing from the last post…. What impresses me about these upcoming movies is that they’re marketing directly to comic book fans in a way that hasn’t been done before.  For the big blockbuster comic book movies like Spiderman, Superman, and Batman, it was easy to market to the general public.  Everyone knows who those superheroesRead more

Revealing Movie Trailers

When I went to see The Dark Knight along with the masses a couple weeks ago I noticed something interesting in the previews.  Two in particular caught my attention: Watchmen and The Spirit.  Both of them referenced people and literature well known in the comic book world, and rarely common knowledge to the general public.  The previewRead more

New Kicks

I thought this very cool collaboration was worth sharing.  I think it’s a great example of marketers in a highly competitive, fast paced industry realizing that effective marketing strategies won’t remain powerful forever (especially once they become such commonplace across the industry).  That strategy here is the long used pro-athlete endorsements that have in recentRead more

Graffiti Artists Like Refrigerators?

In reading through my Creativity emails I stumbled upon General Electric’s series of ads for their new write-on refrigerator.  As you can see, they’re pretty flippin sweet.      The question is, if they plan on actually using these, how will the traditional fridge buying target audience react?  Everyone can see the value of being able toRead more

YouTube Goes Toddler

Most everyone knows there’s a generational gap with technology….you know, the whole understanding that Generations X and Y and are so much faster to adopt and embrace things like texting, instant messaging, blogging, social networking, podcasting, etc.  Well I recently got a shocking lesson from a member of Generation Z (1998 – 2009).  My three year old nephewRead more