Common Advertising Myths

Advertising (and marketing for that matter) has likely been around almost as long as humanity. Even still, there are plenty of popular myths and misconceptions that surround the field of advertising even to this day.

“We can’t afford it”
This is one of the biggest advertising myths out there. In reality, it is far more likely that your business can’t afford not to advertise. When you advertise, you are essentially inviting the public to do business with you. If you don’t advertise, how can you expect to improve and increase sales?

“We have enough business”
Enough business for what?  To maintain the status quo, or to aggressively grow and expand?  When the market can change at a moment’s notice “enough business” should never be your goal.

“People ignore paid ads”
Mainly applicable to the world of internet advertising, some feel that paid ads get ignored.  This fails to explain how Google has been able to consistently generate $60b/yr. in online ad revenue through this exact medium

“Online advertising is complicated”
This is more of a cop-out than a true myth, but one that is often believed nonetheless.  In reality, online advertising has never been simpler to break into – there is more software and information out there on the subject than ever before.

“You can’t effectively target a local market”
While this used to be true, geo-targeting and other technological advances now exist which make the task significantly easier to accomplish.

“Humor trivializes our message”
In the era of ADHD and a 24-hour news cycle, humor is often just the thing for getting your message to stick in the minds of customers.  Even in industries where humor is not normally employed.

“Our industry reputation is advertising enough”
The problem with this line of thinking is that your customers are not the industry expert you are; if people never hear about your company or product, your industry reputation among experts won’t be enough to save you.

If you have noticed a common theme among many of these advertising myths, it seems to be that certain people do not feel that advertising provides good value for the money spent.  People who hold this opinion are often unfamiliar with some of the more modern forms of advertising, which are fundamentally built around providing clear calculation of ROI.  The truth is that advertising is an essential element in the plan of any company looking to experience sustained growth over time, and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

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