Logo Design Predictions

No, I’m not Nostradamus in any sense, but I am a graphic designer for The Cyphers Agency. So I’m somewhat qualified to predict logo design trends for the rest of 2012.

Let me consult my crystal ball (the internet) and I’ll jump right into it with my first prediction: More use of script fonts in our logos.

We may have seen enough of this in 2011 but I predict this trend will continue into 2012. I have been seeing a lot of creative agencies using these typefaces more and more for their logos. I’m not exactly sure what is attracting agencies to this trend but I suspect that they feel a need to represent their creative whimsy.

#2: Large, varying color palettes.
I predict that we will see a shift to using more colors in our logo designs. This route offers options for the brand to have some breathing room. I wonder if this will eventually be seen as a problem with having a cohesive identity. For now I see that color versatility as a great thing.

#3: For my final prediction: Simplified logo design.
Finally we can breathe a sigh of relief from overwhelming, non-solidified logo design. Aetna made a huge change to their identity and went the route of simple, one color design. I think this shows a trend for larger brands to continue simplifying their logos.

All together we have some interesting trends taking place in the advertising and design world. Fortunately, we live in a world where change is constant and we will no doubt see some new trends evolve throughout the year.

8 responses to “Logo Design Predictions”

  1. Josh Ryan says:

    Hi Mr. Hanyok,

    My business partners and I run a high-end food website (listed above) and I was wondering how we can incorporate future marketing trends to our own logo and business image. Should we adjust our public representation to exemplify the predictions you listed above? For example, a logo that utilizes a classic ‘script’ font, with a simple layout mixing in large, varying color patterns? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Mr. Josh Ryan

  2. Lucas Hanyok says:

    Hi Mr. Ryan,

    I believe you have a great business opportunity here. Following the trends arbitrarily is not recommended. What I recommend is starting with an analysis of your business and then creating a full marketing strategy. We would be more than happy to provide such a service to you.

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