5 Tips to Repurpose and Reuse Event Content

You’ve spent hours planning an event, partnered with compelling speakers, and generated quality learning content and captivating soundbites. Now what? For those who couldn’t attend your event, here are a handful of ways you can repurpose those quality learning gems to educate the masses.

  1. Replay the Event – Unfortunately not everyone is able to attend an in-person event but can still value and benefit from the quality content that was presented. Consider offering a post virtual live event to replay sessions and have the speaker available for moderated Q&A.
  • Build Thought-Provoking Mini Recaps – With limited attention spans in today’s fast moving business environment, it is crucial to create bite-sized learning opportunities that your audience can consume as their time permits.
    • Upload your video to YouTube and setup video chapters to break up the video into sections. This allows the audience to select which parts of the session they’d like to watch.
    • Create a written summary of each session. When recapping commentary, make sure you cover key points, tips, and takeaways that will capture your audience’s attention, as well as timestamps to relevant sections of the video.
  • Create “Share-Worthy” Moments – Modern marketing equals video — and lots of it. In fact, 90% of customers say they want to see more videos from brands. Simply download your event recordings, crop the “best of” moments and highlights, and let the engagement roll in.
  • Retell Speaker Stories – When hosting an event, chances are you have an engaging speaker(s) that tell a story or two during their session that helps paint a picture. Everyone loves a good story, especially one that resonates with them and their day-to-day business. Whether it’s a video or a written case study, these story-driven sessions create a compelling story for a social media post, email newsletter, or blog post.
  • Create an Educational Series – Sometimes you realize that you’ve struck gold with an event speaker when the audience engages with Q&A more than you could have ever anticipated. Take advantage of that nugget and create an educational web or podcast series that goes deeper into the topic or subject matter.

Bottom line, don’t let the massive amounts of time, energy and budget used to create an ultimate event experience stop at the event. Commit to repurposing event content as part of your post-event plan and continue audience engagement long after the event.

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