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2015 Holiday Gifts for Marketers and Advertisers

Gifts for marketersALERT: There are only 15 days left until Christmas.

Well, you probably knew that because every store has been emailing you, playing commercials and sending you flyers about their latest promotions. But in any case, there are always those shoppers who wait until the last minute to buy gifts for their family, friends and coworkers; even though they know Christmas is on December 25th every year.

It’s okay, I won’t make those people raise their hands and admit their issue of procrastination. Instead, I’ve put together a list of great gift ideas for the marketers in your life so you can take care of them before December 24th.

For the creative types:

Artwork: The Dept. of Motivation is on a mission to help people come alive by bringing motivation and meaning to everyday life. I absolutely love this poster about execution and vision. It will be the perfect piece of inspiration at any desk or cubicle.

Reading Material: With wisdom from 20 leading creative minds, Manage Your Day-to-Day will give readers a toolkit for tackling new challenges of an always-on workplace.

Waterproof notepad: Creative minds cannot control when the next brilliant idea will pop into their head. Never get caught without a pen and paper. These waterproof notepads and pens will never allow great ideas to go down the drain.

For the music lovers:

Streaming services: Some people cannot get through the day without listening to tunes. Give them the gift of ad-free listening, high quality audio and much more. Gift subscriptions are available at Pandora, Spotify or Apple Music.

Headphones: Whether you are going to go with earbuds, over-the-ear, noise canceling or wireless headphones, this gift will allow any marketer to listen to exactly what they want without disturbing their neighbors.

For the organizers:

1Password: This app is a game changer. 1Password allows users to remember all of their website passwords so that they never have to enter them in. All users need to do is remember one password which will then give them access to all of their other passwords. Yes please!

Multiple Devices Charging Station: Marketers are usually guilty of using a phone, tablet, laptop, etc. at the same time. And with all of those cords lying everywhere; it is an OCD person’s nightmare. Give them this sleek unit that will charge up to four devices including tablets, smartphones, cameras headsets, speakers and more.

For the fun-lovers:

Social media coasters: Give social media enthusiasts what they want. Now, they’ll have the perfect place to place their glass when they’re not drinking out of it.

Science/Art Venn Diagram Shirt: As all marketers know, advertising is the perfect balance between science and art. This stylish t-shirt will remind everyone else about how difficult our jobs really are.

For the health nuts:

kSafe: This fun and intuitive time locking container will make it easier to stay motivated and make healthy choices. It’s easy to use. Place any item in the kSafe, rotate the button to set the timer and press the button to activate the lock. Once it’s locked, there’s no way to unlock it until the timer reaches zero.

Fruit infused water bottle: Who wants to drink plain water all day? No one. These water bottles will really take hydration to the next level.

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