the skills

People are exposed to hundreds of brand messages daily. There is no single, best way to stand out and communicate your message. Therefore we integrate. To integrate, we master each and every discipline the marketing world embodies.

  • advertising >

    Advertising is a universal term to TCAers. It’s not just about paying to have a brand placed somewhere, it’s in everything we do… read more >

  • direct marketing >

    We strategically plan to create a campaign to influence consumers directly by implementing messages, usually with a call to action, that uses personal contact information… read more >

  • public relations >

    The goal of Public Relations has always been reaching the influencers on a specific topic; whether they were news media, employees or consumers, and getting them to talk about our brand, product or cause… read more >

  • account and media planning >

    It’s a tall order to put everything about who you are as a person aside and step into the mindset of the target consumer. But that’s what we do as successful account managers… read more >

  • market research >

    We love market research. Without it we wouldn’t be able to build the Taj Mahal of ads, brands and campaigns… read more >

  • interactive >

    Every day, more people are using multiple devices to consume and share content. With all those numerous devices it’s our job to have a seamless interactive experience across the board… read more >

  • social media & word of mouth marketing >

    I believe in a thing called social media marketing. I believe in building relationships, having a conversation, and telling a unique story. I believe that marketing 101 still applies, but that our new path is still being blazed… read more >

  • search engine marketing & optimization >

    When your consumer searches for your product or service, you want to be the first company found. Search Engine Marketing is about finding ways of bringing your content to your customers… read more >